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At Cotter we offer a full range of third-party logistics, warehousing, packaging, and transloading services, customized to meet your needs. Our team of experienced professionals will conduct a full needs assessment in order to tailor our services to your specific requirements and to set the foundation for our ongoing business relationship.

Whether you transport your products to us by rail or truck, we have the operations and facilities to best serve you. When arriving by rail, our company-owned switch engine and rail yard capacity for 200+ railcars allows us to take efficient delivery and transloading of your products on your schedule, not relying on an outside railroad company’s schedule. When arriving by truck, we are an open yard that gives you the option of selecting your carrier of choice.


Our services are governed with exacting attention to detail demonstrated by our sophisticated reporting systems and processes, all of which ensure accurate, real-time tracking of your products. Our flexible inventory system provides you customized reporting – the information you need, when you need it – in the format you find most useful.

Customized services exceeding your expectations:

Rack storage provides flexible configuration to accommodate materials that cannot be stacked or require selective access

• Inventory Management
• Location Tracking
• Shipping/Receiving
• Order Management
• Stock Rotation
• Bar Coding and Labeling
• Inspection/Quality Verification
• Order Kitting/Assembly
• Same Day Orders
• Emergency Orders
• Packaging/Repackaging

• EDI/XML Data Interchange
• Customized Reporting

• Physical Inventory
• Cycle Counts
• Truck Weighing (light & heavy)
• Dry Bulk Transfer
• Drumming
• Package Weight Verification


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