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With Cotter's five flexible and efficient packaging lines, along with custom de-packaging and repackaging systems, we have the capability to meet your material needs now and in the future:


  • Our state-of-the art equipment handles octagonal cartons, supersacks, drums, totes, and bags.

  • We completely clean out our equipment prior to packaging your product.

  • We perform a thorough visual inspection and verification at every step.

  • Using custom-designed transfer systems of stainless steel and aluminum material contact surfaces, dedicated transfer hoses, and rare earth magnets we provide a contaminant-free process.

  • During packaging, our proprietary process reduces angel hair and fines.

  • On-site certified scales are routinely verified and calibrated, ensuring accuracy.

  • Low temperature, low pressure conveying ensures the safe, efficient handling of your materials.

  • We provide custom product labels to your specifications.

De-boxing -- Cartons to dry bulk transfer

Custom-designed packaging and material transfer systems provide efficient, flexible, contaminant-free transfer of your valuable products: Bulk-to-Package, Package-to-Bulk, or Package-to-Package.

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